I'm tired

*This is a old song*


I'm tired of living a l-ie

No one will ever see that s-ide

fo-r I've kept it hidden for way too long

& now I've lost touch of who I really am



I'm tired 

Of living a lie

no one to comprehend and no one to confide in


Oh I'm tired of livin-g a li-e

I wish I h-ad someone to, talk to_ sometimes


Maybe it's just me, I don't know why

I can't just find a way to

put myself out there more

but I'm crying (x2) out loud



I'm tired

of living a lie

with no one out here

It's just me, there's no one out here it's only me me me

But I'm tired

of living a lie

with no one to confide in, there's no one

it's always been me

I change myself too often

now I've forgotten my roots so I'm here to stay

I just don't know what I'm gonna say I j-ust don't know what I'll do

but what I do know is that


I'm tired

of living a lie

with no one to conspire with

oh i'd do anything for a friend but I'm here_ all alone.

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