Adrianna Kjeld

World in her hands.

She held the world in her hands for as long as she could,
As it became too bright, She remained the way she would.
She could blow out that fire, any moment she wanted.
She could create ill spirits; full of doubts, sorrow, pain, envy, jealousy, and hatred, as long as she prompted.
But every so often she was enlightened by the rich flame created by hope, happiness, wellness, wisdom and charity.
Thing like this were quite un-ordinary, things like these were quite un-solitary. 
She knew not how to create that fire within herself, until she met the man who held that fire the most.
She could blow him away and he'd came back, he was her leaning post.
So she thought.
Time progressed, and she was taught an important lesson.
There was no such thing, as no progression.
 There is a simpleness to good and bad, it's part of life, it's what we have.
 Experiences, losses; faith, and hope, so these things are good and bad.
Those we love, and those we hate, always in turn, an ability to create.
 Gains;in hope, love, and expression, life is more than have faith it's about having an impression.
After years of many sorrows she created an optimistic flame, it didn't take her long after learning these few things.

At firs it was but, but then it grew, they remained happy as both their flames grew.


  • Augustus

    "There is a simpleness to good and bad" very nice

    • Adrianna Kjeld

      Thank you, I think the difference is clear cut, and simple, but some people try to make a grey area out of it.

    • Micalina

      Brilliant keep writing I enjoy your work

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