White mind

7:11 yellow washes over me. a soft yellow,
still waking from sleep eyes foggy, a mind of chicken noodle soup.
8:48 blue creeps up behind me and taps on my shoulder.
I jump. he has caught me dozing off.
I look out the window alert now into the trees, into a place far away from here.
Blue leaves me alone and I nod off. drool falls onto my math book.
12:32 purple plays with my hair as I sit in art class.
she tells me the stories and jokes while I sit and paint my god awful paintings.
I paint in purple.
3:45 I run down the streets, red chases me.
we run fast. up and down alleys and roads never seeming to get tired.
he gets angrier by the minute when he can’t catch me and eventually he stops.
6:30 green sits in my brothers vacant seat at the dinner table.
green is quiet and patient.
green listens to the tales of my days and helps me through them.
9:59 I fall onto my bed, black all the colors have left me.
10:21 my mind turns white.


  • LML


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Nice creative play with temporal movement and color!

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