Moments...I have our glow tucked safely away.
Easy to hold on and deal with when sadness comes.
Moments...I am grateful for the sweet times shared by you and I.
There was a time when we could have been more than this.
I prepare to move on, leave to be free of the last 3 years bound to you.
Free of longing for more; more time, more kisses, more smiles, more touches, more talks, more you, me, us.
Not once did I get to full.
Not even close.
Not even close.
I felt me.
My love, your body without depth.
My involvement complete.
Your lack of anything complete but drugs and a dick.
Sometimes drugs, dick, and a chick.
Perhaps your lust.
Your love for me shallow at best
Making me disposable and a last resort.
Your kisses left.
Gone are your eyes watching me.
Just me, smiling and enjoying the view.
When did you stop enjoying the view?
Becky Jo Gibson  

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