Destroying a Siblings Love

I didn’t even know what incest meant

Until someone accused me of it.

“You fuck your brother, don’t you? You nasty whore.”


They think it’s weird that he hugs me whenever we see each other.

They don’t like how close we are.

People are used to seeing siblings fight.

I mean that’s what brother and sister do, right?


What they don’t know, is that my brother was the main male figure in my life.

He held me as a baby,

And sang me songs to sleep.

He was the father I never had.


He is the one who taught me how to hit a baseball,

And how to comb my hair.

He is the one who would hold my hand in the grocery store,

And the one who warned me about bad boys.


They made something obscene out of a unique relationship that was beautiful.

The comments got to him.

He was scared to hug me in public

Or kiss me on the cheek when I was upset.


He stopped holding my hand,

I was hurt, confused.

They forced us to change,

to fight, to hate each other.


“We can’t hug each other anymore in front of the other kids” he would say.

“They bully me too much at school, they tell me to kill myself.”

My eyes would fill with tears when the kids came at us.

And so, we had to change.


We grew farther apart,

I lost my father, and was left with a brother.

A brother that was ashamed to show his love for me to the outside world.


And I get it, kids can be cruel.

Worse than cruel, they can be destructive.

They put thoughts and ideas in our heads,

Thoughts that changed our relationship forever.


I miss the person who was my brother and father all in one.

I miss the sense of security he used to give me,

and his warm hugs that would make me feel safe.


I know those same kids still make a game out of my relationship with him.

They love to imagine something terrible,

Just so they have something to talk about during lunch.


No one has defended me, not even myself.

They trespassed into my family life,

And hurt it from within.


You hurt my brother, took away his innocent love.

You took away someone that I needed,

And you took me away from someone who needed me.


  • Goldfinch60

    Good write and so sad.

  • Lizzy Renee

    I like the Moral: 'No one can can make you feel inferior without your consent.' Amazing poem.

  • swingline

    Awesome writing . You relate the emotional synchronicity of your relationship to your brother in a painfully believable way .

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