ephraim crud

compose a 'cruddy'

the cow in the field
will mysteriously yield
some milk some how
from the field in the cow

The cow in the wind
should be disciplined
if it turns out somehow
to be wind in the cow.

I went in a lake
and by a quirky mistake
I ceased to be
when the lake went in me.

The adventurous rhinoceros muddied his pooper
when he tumbled one day and fell from his scooter
and to make matters worse he’d a gut full of cud
which he promptly discharged and poopered the mud.

I saw the landing on the moon,
I've seen a plum emerge a prune
but by far the more outstanding
I saw the moon upon the landing.

Sheltered behind an old wind break
But what is that for goodness sake?
It seems to me that someone’s sinned
For someone’s gone and broken wind.

I climbed upon a pile of rocks
in just my underwear and socks
to see how far my eyes could see
but the pile of rocks climbed over me.

Too early to be late
as I passed through the gate
returning quite surly
too late to be early

my eye caught lovely iris
-she'd flowers, and a virus
but as i unzipped my fly
lovely iris caught my eye.

He trots in the wood
Eats bark cos it’s good
Along with the knots
It puts wood in his trots

I feel like an EEL
An that makes me squeel
Cos I'm more like a worm
So I squiggle and squirm !
If I was a COD
I would be just like GOD
Not a DOG with a bark
Cos I wouldn't have ......
To go into the ARK !
A fish has a flipper
But if I was smoked
I'd just be a KIPPER
Deboned and croaked
So for a plain sail
I'll be a WHALE
Such a nice fish is ...
Blubber & Verdigris !
Thank you for reading ~ Please
add another the tide is receding !

I met a jerk
Who had a quirk
Stole women's hearts
Then sold their other parts


  • Diamond

    Funny read!

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