Human Sex Trafficking

Notice of absence from SadInterior

You cry, you fight

but no one hears, your body

being manipulated for a man/women's joy.

Wounds that cannot be healed, memories

that cannot be erased.

Day after day, after day,after day.

20 men, 40 men, 50 men

Your tired, in pain. your slowly going insane

They push you around, doll you all up.

Sick son of a bastards, most of them don't get caught.

Your shaky, your scared, you want your mom, your dad..

but they are not there.

Your restless at night, the pain grows harder to bare

what is one to do? It can't end possible can it?

The darkness takes over your mind and you start to think

I 'm never getting out of here

You were taken as a child, now your all grown..

you live with the pain, the seduction because It's the only

life you've ever known.





Sex trafficking is fucked up. It's happening right now, someone, a boy, a girl,

is being sexually assaulted right now as we speak..

it's sick and messed up and yet

no one tries to stop it

It stays silent like it's ok to do


Because of the movie 8 Days, I have been inspired to be in the field, I want to be able to save

another girl, boy from this. No one deserves it, No one is immune to it

People need to be reminded that this is real

it is a thing

and I will not stop until my voice is heard.

Stop the trafficking, end the pain.



January 11th, Is National Human sex trafficking awareness day.









  • swingline

    Before any problem can be solved the public must be made aware . There is more power and strength in the masses . They can be the eyes and ears of a public awareness that can monitor the criminals .

  • SorrowfullyHappy

    i'll do what i can to help
    this is only one of many thing the people should stand up to

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