Love Drug

He looked really nice, almost harmless.

That smile was genuine, and eyes were bright.

Eyes that made me trust him.

And so, I was the perfect bait.

Naïve, trusting, and hopeful.


I remember the moment that my head fogged into a daze.

I had no control, I felt myself outside of my body.

I tried to think, but every time, my mind went blank. 

Feeling heavy, like a rag doll, I fell into his arms.


His arms were big, and held me tight.

To him, I was feather weight.

Easy to move.

With one swift movement, he flung me over his shoulder,

And walked out of the club.


My friends were too drunk,

They didn’t even notice I was gone, or what had happened

until it was over.


I don’t remember much of that night,

And maybe it’s good that I don’t.

All I remember was the heaviness,

The inability to move, or fight back.


Imagine waking up alone in a strange place,

No pants, cold, and confused.

Dark blood was stained between my legs.

My abdomen hurt, a stinging pain that was familiar to me.


Emotionless, I got up from the ground, and tried to search for my pants.

They were nowhere to be found.

And so, I had to walk back to the hotel naked, embarrassed, and exposed.


I entered room 241.  All the girls still asleep in their beds.

Without a sound, I showered off the horror.

I carefully put a pair of pants over my sore legs,

And crawled into bed, praying I would fall asleep.


  • Rajkumar

    Expressing a pain in simple words is really hard.but you have given it right in this poem....

  • swingline

    I read this with horror . Appalled , disgusted . They executed four males in India this week for gang raping a girl . It should be so everywhere .

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