I've been honored 

With something i don't deserve

An award they gave me

I earned all the badges

Did an eagle project

Yet i still don't feel 

I've earned the right

To accept this honor

They've placed on me


  • SorrowfullyHappy

    im the long haired kid on the end

  • Ace-of-spades

    I think you deserve it.

  • SorrowfullyHappy

    i've done a lot of bad things that can never be forgiven

  • Rajkumar

    Whether you think you deserve it or not..people around you recognise your talents.

  • SorrowfullyHappy

    my talents could get me arrested
    in fact they have gotten me arrested before

  • Ace-of-spades

    You'll find that you have many talents Xavier.

  • SorrowfullyHappy

    yeah most of them illegal

  • swingline

    Well if you don't stop doing illegal things you will become a professional . A professional thief , robber , con artist , rapist , abuser , brute , murderer , and inmate . And no chance to be able to sleep at night . But all our sins has already been forgiven so you can start all over with a clean slate .

  • SorrowfullyHappy

    can a get forgivness for a sin not yet made

    • SorrowfullyHappy

      I have some things I have to do in the near future that I may want forgiven for

      • SorrowfullyHappy

        it makes me feel better knowing hat at least one person will forgive me for what i must do tho others may have a different opinion

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