Poetic Venting#1


Every night girl I still think of you
Every time we came to this, we said we'd make it through

Leaving didn't make it better
My heart is getting heavy and colder, I need a sweater

I still hold the pics you snapped me
Can't bring myself to lose em, they still seem to make me happy

I wish we never sperated
I wish I could rewind the clock way back to when we dated

Was it you or was it me that was the issue
Whatever that is was has got me hurt cause I still miss you

But now you're moving on to different people
The thought of seeing you with other guys just makes me feeble

I'm just hoping that you miss me
And just like me, I hope see a pic and hope to kiss me

I know I'll never have it
Thoughts like this deep down inside i swear are doing damage

I tried to give my all, I guess it wasn't enough
And girl I really tried my best to give you all of my trust

Cause everytime I lost a girl was when I chose to open up
I told myself that you were different, she could be the chosen one

She could be the girl I'm meant to be with
She could bring my future to it's zenith

I'm on 15 and got a heart throbbin
And the pain that's been coming has been non stoppin

I think my heart's stoppin

  • Author: teenageheartbreak (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 5th, 2017 23:28
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 22

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