Last Night.

Last night was the first night in a week that I fell asleep without a sleep aid,

Last night I went to bed with a migraine, 

Last night I still did not take any form of sleep aid,

Last night I went to bed naturally,

Last night I was afraid to sleep but also let myself drift into a light slumber,

Last night was an okay night,

Last night.


  • swingline

    Sleep is critical to our health . That's when our bodies repair themselves . Lack of sleep leads to a shorter life . ANY sleep day or night is beneficial . There are all kinds of reasons sleep aludes us . Too many to mention and each person is unique . But the bottom line is get all the sleep that is necessary .

    • Ace-of-spades

      Yes sleep is critical. My body knows it is but it seems to not care. So that is why I use sleep aid.

    • Mizzy

      I go in chat rooms and people bore me to sleep.

      • Ace-of-spades

        AHAHA gosh that's great mizzy!

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