NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

There was this girl
She wanted to be found
Until the night
Her world turned upside down

She got with a boy
He was her whole world
She loved him
He was such a nerd

The night she cried
She was at his house
He comforted her
And undid her blouse

She pushed his hand away
But he grabbed her wrist
"He said don't"
As He clenched his fist

She froze in time
Didn't know what to do
The way he touched her
I guess she always knew

He was too good
Even for her
He got all the attention
It was all just a blur

No one could hurt as much as her
No one could scream as loud
The look on his face
He looked so fucking proud

The pain he caused
She's now empty inside
All she wanted was love
But sex is what he thrived

She felt she had no purpose
She felt no pain
All she felt was numb
So she died in vain

It's all his fault
He killed her inside
He took it away
Loving him was suicide...

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