Forever is over, tomorrows going to suck

Forever is over, tomorrows gonna suck,

Or it may not, I don’t always give a fuck.

 If It’s raining outside I just wont go out,

There's always housework to do in that there’s no doubt.

 I used to be pretty I used to be sweet,

I was nice and slim and could see my feet.

My tits are too big I’m a heafty 16,

With very nice legs but big mass in between,

 Ok I’m not huge but you know what I mean,

I have been skinny i have been slim,

 i can lose a lot of weight just on a whim,

But I am looking for something unshallow and true,

 It’s so very likely I’m more complicated than you,

 Hence is the problem it’s gone too far,

 i have many people i would run over with my car,

it’s all tongue in cheek but the truth is such,

 I myself locked up my own rabbit hutch,

My heads wedged up my own arse, selfcentred and sick,

And none of this will be corrected by the size of your dick.

Apologies if I sound unfriendly,

 I’m actually horny and really quite bendy but like everyone I have issues,

Awww poor love anyone got any  tissues

  • Author: Sarah (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 10th, 2017 20:03
  • Comment from author about the poem: sorry for the expletives, cant take them out, they need to be there
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  • swingline

    Smiling here , reminds me of a song "Dancing on our graves."

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