Dressed in Darkness

My eyes were dying down.

My body growing heavier.

Something about this felt bound.

Something about this felt,



The feeling of fear and guilt arose

in a fit of adrenaline.

As the man in black stood staring down 

at me in dark linen. 


No face or expression.

I shook in fear in confusion.

What is it?

My suppression, my depression?

I stopped asking, because he wasn't answering.


He only watched me deeply in desperation.

In hopes that I'd start remembering.

My eyes couldn't bare the strain, 

looking at him looking at me. 

I stopped looking, letting go- 

and back to sleep. 


The feeling of emptiness left me

as If on cue. 

Leaving me clueless and broken.

Since I've woken I haven't seen you. 

But I'll remember you man in black,

even the words unspoken.



  • swingline

    I've had something similar to your experience . Except mine was one of complete nothingness . No light , not even darkness , just absolute nothing . I was never afraid of nothing until then . The fear it generated was overwhelming . (Though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil) That was what got me through .

    • J.thewriter

      I understand. Light, darkness, and nothingness is scary to think about. It's also hard to stop thinking about it all once you've started lol.

    • ummbre

      This gave me chills! So beautiful.

      • J.thewriter

        Thank you so much! It was a chilling experience.

      • BeckyJo

        This poem was written by a poet. Don't doubt that. You are in fact a talented poet. You did an amazing job painting a picture with your words. Just saying !

        • J.thewriter

          That means so much to hear, thank you so much! I thought it would have harder to interpret how I felt in that moment into a poem, but I suppose I just had to write from scratch and see where it went. I'm glad you liked it :)

        • NikitaPassmore

          I get it you stepped in the dark and your trying to find your way into the light

          • J.thewriter

            Sometimes you have to step into the dark to know what the light feels like.

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