A Madness so Discreet

The silence is deafening,

So loud I can't sleep,

The cold at night is burning,

So awake at night I keep,


The door was creaking open,

Now suddenly it's shut,

Weariness seeps in for a moment,

Until despair sets in my gut,


Whispers begin to fill my head,

With thoughts of murder and bloodshed,

Screams rip through the air,

I turn around and no one's there,


Terror rips through my core,

As the darkness closes in,

I do my best to ignore,

The goosebumps racing up my skin,


The void surrounds me,

Abundantly empty,

The shadow envelops me,

And it's all I can see,


I expected some dread,

Maybe some panic,

Into mind I descend, 

And I laugh something manic,


An out-of-body experience,

Truly, it's been,

To watch without interference,

As the lunacy wins,


You know your minds gone,

When from fear you run no longer,

And with the void chuckle,

At your own dying struggle


My fear of the blackness,

It's all gone vanished,

Because my insanity, sickeningly sweet,

Could only come from a madness,

A madness so discreet.






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