NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

You'd sit in lesson and make slight eye contact and they say "what you staring at" you'd walk down the street wearing something other people may not consider being buried in. And you get death stares. You'd walk the corridors and find people who are running, talking abuse, slapping people, standing on peoples lose laces to trip them up. I think it's immaturity. The ones who find pleasure in pain will soon grow up to be nasty abusers. They'll be the next generation. If we don't change it. They will and this world will no longer be loving. There will be no one who cares about things. I mean look at America, rape isn't even considered a crime there. So rapists could make men and women's lives absolute hell and they have to live in the constant fear that it could happen and nothing would get done. It's the same with school when you'd walk the corridors expecting people to say things so you live in fear that one day they'll do something different and nothing will get done because it has never been an issue before so why should it be now? This world is so cruel that people have to emotionally die inside to feel like the mean something. They could be on their last breath and still say "I wasn't good enough" and that's the sort of world that this is. People only care if you're smart, pretty, or in the hospital on your last few breaths.

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