The gear goes on and I’m in that place

I feel mother nature, her breath on my face

One foot strides forward and lands on the ground

I feel like the lost has just been found


I’m surrounded by beauty and trees of pine

Today and right now they are mine, all mine

A sidestep, a jump as I fly past walkers

The music I hear I don’t hear the talkers


And then the pain starts as I run too fast

I know by now that the pain won’t last

Go harder, push further than I did before

I know my body can take a lot more


My mind is free and my head is clear

My breathing is the only thing I want to hear

No worry no conflict in this time and place

Only serenity strokes my spine and my face


Then an argument starts inside my head

But it’s mind versus body and my mind has already said

"Always forward just keep going"

With every foot step, I’m growing and growing


I open the tanks and increase the pace

The salt starts to sting the cheeks on my face

The hill in front looks bigger and bigger

It’s not, I can beat you 'it’s flat' I figure


And then my mind goes to that special place

Out of body, euphoric and almost like space

As I keep running amongst the trees

I should feel like I want to fall to my knees

I feel calm and relaxed, my body feels good

I can now run forever in this wood.


  • Vic E

    Reads well. Rhymes well. Yes, simple words but it's a great poem nevertheless. Two thumbs up

    • Pollythepoet

      Hi Vic, Thanks for your comments. Watch this space for more.

    • kevin browne

      phew! I'm out of puff after reading this great poem. love the constant rhyming. a brilliant score.

      • Pollythepoet

        Hi Kevin, Thanks for the comments. 🙂

      • Poetic Dan

        Brilliant message of moving forward
        Rhythm made it that bit more awesome
        Never giving up also in there
        Glad you stopped for a while
        To write and share 😉

        • Pollythepoet

          Thanks Dan for your kind feedback. Really appreciate it. 🙂

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