Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)


A convoluted destiny awaits this bastard creature

This thankless bitch that I like to call me

I stand here in depreciation of myself

Wondering if, perhaps, I am just another one of the many sheep who stand before me

What is it that makes them think I am their shepherd?

Have I fallen prey to my own egocentric tendencies?

A freeze frame of "The Big Picture", blurred and brow-beaten

Clarity just doesn't seem possible anymore

This world has a huge surprise in store, waiting for it's chance to pop out and say "BOO"

We will be able to do nothing about it once a certain point of our undoing is reached

A point that will be made sooner or later

Bush should have been uprooted

Impeached before he had the time to cast out his reptilian spawn

Long, long ago

Way before Mr. Clinton got caught letting that fat spy blow his wad all over her clothes

When you are a naughty, naughty boy, I guess that's just the way that it  goes

It still makes some of us laugh, but it is not even a little bit funny

So many little ordeals made over absolutely nothing at all

Something so obviously so detrimental sits around seeking praise for doing absolutely nothing at all itself

Nothing will be done unless there is money to be made

Ignorance is paid quite handsomely anymore these days

Innocence, berated for crimes committed selflessly rather than foolishly

The true importance of so many realities that are taught to be nothing but rubbish is beyond immense

A dense cloud of complete confusion sits lustfully upon its multifaceted face

The entire populace, suffocated by its shroud

All of the power that supposedly stands behind it all knows damned well what is really going on and it loves hiding it

Rather than educating us all correctly, it chooses instead to stand and watch gleefully as human life withers away and dies slowly

Cataclysmic ruin, ruled by the Devils ugly spawn

Extinction on the brink of tomorrow's horizon

Everything done and gone

The strangest thing about it is that the solution is simple and it lies in each other....


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