Warded Seabee


Countless scattered stars
one could see as a mess,
If you didn't know a star
one would have to guess.

I look up and see..

Mirrors around the sun.
the reflection of light
off the crystal faces
of the geode we live inside.

I look up and see...

The dew shines on the web.
They weave and hang across
the walls of the dark hallway
that houses all the lost.

I look up and see...

The lure of the angler fish.
Hungry horror of teeth await
In endless ocean of dark,
beautiful deadly bait.

I look up and see...

The poems I've yet to write.
Dots connect words unspoken
embroidered in constellation
To write whence I've awoken.


  • orchidee

    A fine write W. Erm, I suppose we've not said (or written) something, until we've actually said (or written) it. The words are still in 'the embroidery of constellations' (great phrase!). Some say it 3 times lol.
    1. I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna say.
    2. I'm gonna say it.
    3. I'm gonna tell you what I just said!
    In other words: waffle! Hee hee, such people drive us mad!

    • Warded Seabee

      Mmmmm... Waffles... Well, a month ago I wrote in my notes "constellation" in title and the first two lines of this poem. Today I had time to finish the rest. I knew what I was going to write for some time now but just haven't had the time. This poem is about thinking outside the box and I have much more unwritten poetry with nothing but an outline for me to color in. Like a constellation :)

    • Diamond

      There is always more out there. Nice write friend.

      • Warded Seabee

        Diamond, your poem written tomorrow was extraordinary. My wordplay pales in comparison to your poetry when you write your deepest feelings.

        • Diamond

          I do not know meter, wordplay, poetry styles, honestly I know nothing...I do not claim any knowledge or fineness in my poetry. "I write", and that is just a state of "being" for me. And sometimes what I write fits into something and that is a cosmic orchestration.

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        • Tony36

          Well written and expressed

        • Goldfinch60

          Good write, so many people live in their blinkered world and never look up into the wider world above them.

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