The clouds have cleared and understanding is near. 

There are blue skies and the green leaves on the trees.

The world is opening up in a manner not known to most. 

Colors radiate from within filling my being with warmth and love. 

Insight is here and fulfillment has begun to devour.

Does this thin layer of physical form only cover truth? 

Are we so blind that all reality is only the shell around us?

Yes, there is so much more to all we are.

Ultimately freed of a burden I never knew existed.

Shallowness of mind beating down upon me. 

Hindering the enjoyment of all that is beautiful and good. 

Finally opening my eyes to what is real.

Blinded now only by inspiration and radiating energy.

Grasping on to the freedom I have never known. 

Searching is over and life begins with every breath.

Awakening now is near.


  • Diamond

    A beautiful writing.

  • Tony36

    Awesome write

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