"Love Everything"

I am on a majestic mountaintop

Peerless columns of igneous granite 

extending skyward

Drifts of forgotten snow vanishing 

under the solar rays

An intoxicating breeze flows across my bare skin

The earth below me with all her mysteries 

Desolate plains sprawled endlessly in the vastness

The curvature of the planet in the horizon 

The cityscape so minuscule 

Hoards of people going about their business 

Lives tamed by their daily rituals 

The collective spirit of humankind

searching for the answer

The answer is right here, right now

The voice of God here on this mountaintop

Telling me to "Love Everything"


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Describing well the paradox of beauty at our fingertips yet our stubborn shortsightedness in recognizing it: blinded by the daily ritual.

  • swingline

    Looking down from the mountain top you are the Lord of flies .

    • Lawless

      I think I am a fly.

    • Goldfinch60

      So very true, good write.

    • rrodriguez

      I love how how described the mountaintop, the cityscape, and the surrounding area. Nicely done!

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