ephraim crud

May the Lady have mercy


May the Lady have mercy


Dear Mr Winthrop, you've nowt to complain
it's no big hardship to hop on a train.
your J.S.A. will cover the fare
so do stop your whining, yet please be aware
your benefit will cease should you not attend
your fortnightly sign-on down in Southend.
so, Mr Winthrop of Ayr, do not fuss,
if the train is a problem, there's always the bus.


ephraim crud, COS.


  • Goldfinch60

    This may not be that far from the truth.

  • Diamond

    The sound of authoritarianism is vivid in this writing. Nice read.

  • swingline

    It's intimidation . If they make it too burdensome to collect then they succeeded in their eyes .

  • Michael Edwards

    I do feel for those who are GENUINELY entitled.

  • valene

    well done mr eph! it doesn't always take many words to express feelings i'm guessing a lot of people can relate too! it's wrong to make it difficult for people to collect their muchly needed benefits. love your title, art work and the way this reads! once again...nice write!

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