Knotted Beats

Fade away with me
into the rhythm of pash

grasping sheared ribbons
of teal tinges that dash,

drift with me seranading
the break of sunrise's kiss,

bathe away misery in the
cooling waterfalls of bliss.

Tranquility kingdom gleams
from a unified pulsing throb,

we rise syphoning twinkles
of crying stars talent robbed,

into the ether we mix and mingle
corrupting the cosmic atrium to tingle,

seeping tangerine barms that hover
enveloping one orb transfixed lovers.


  • Diamond

    Passion dribbles from every word of this poem. The power filled with poise that can set a heart on fire. Extra ordinary write.

    • whisperingquill

      Thank you if it could only be accurate in reality

      Would be a paradox of heavenly intervention

    • Diamond

      You are far more complex than how simple an expression your grace makes.

      • whisperingquill

        I don't know how to take that one lol 😜

        • Diamond

          That means that I read the meaning of your words under several layers of your complexity.

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