All that You created is cracked and dry.

It thirsts for a flood. An immeasurable storm.

And it would be so easy for the ocean above to be released.

Yet here I stand, under careful droplets.

Why do you care for me? I will never understand.

My fruit is death and selfishness

 But my very consciousness demands design.

Like this is all part of the timeline. Irrational love conquering all.

Unimaginable pain infecting the garden. But here I stand.

Let this be your victory, Father. The heritage has not been broken.

You were strong for us while we were incomplete.

Let the Spirit equip me. Help me be that for your children.

You know I am incompetent. But you still call me to the waters.

Going deeper is to be irrational. Love is irrational.

It means showing kindness to many backs turned.

To always be looking for the best in people,

Even when they don’t see it in themselves.

Most of the time, I don’t see it in myself. To love without fault.

But I remember when You first loved me. 

That gives me confidence. I have the greatest teacher,

An artform at my grasp and a lifetime to master it.

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