John Snowdon

The Lonely One, The Only One

The note read:

"You've gone too far, too fast, too soon,"

Marked the heir-apparent of the setting moon

And beneath the early morning sky, colored full of gray,

Are the remnant remains of a light since snatched away,

To somewhere just beyond the softly sunken sand

Where the wind blows so freely and the ocean meets the land.

I held her lovely letters once filled with silken grace

Felt lifeless in my hands yet by my finger I retraced,

The phrase she said, "You're the lonely one, the only one for me

And though we'll go our separate ways I'll think of you constantly,

As the man that I once knew, many years before

A man I loved so dearly but sadly I love no more."

And there's something in the way she writes, her words seem so surreal,

That strips away all I have to the center of something real.

Now standing in these waning hours as the sun is set to rise

The salt water is a cold embrace from an ever changing tide.

But she says that I'm the lonely one and now there's nothing left to see

And she'll never ever forgive me for what I did to me.


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