Storm clouds

Atop of the clouds, where the clear blue skies meet the grey

sat children playing peek a boo with the stars, 

they played hide a seek, hiding behind the grey storm clouds,

just daring the night skies to push back the storm and find them

crouched down giggling.

I watched them play games over and over again, until 

Across the blacken night, i witnessed a 

ballerina dancing across the clouds/

every time she spun her light would fall and

shine light upon the ground.

her sparkles were lighting being thrown across the darkness.

Under the darkest cloud I witnessed a couple becoming one

their hands were intertwined, praying for the rain to fall, so 

they could melt and no longer be two/

their moans and cries of sheer pleasure was like moving thunder.

every once of their love could be felt.

I witnessed light and life atop, across and under the 

darken skies. 

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