Dillan Courtright


Darkness surrounds the prisoner
As the shackles do bind him
He stares blankly into nothing for
Nothing will save him
He tries to remember how he got there
But his mind is corrupted
Corrupt darkness consumes his soul
As he lies motionless on the floor
Emotionless and hungry for more
Vengeance rages out of control
He screams at shadows and lures hatred
For he cannot control temptation
Tempting thoughts echo through him
For he is alone in the darkness
His mind is mad and his dreams fail
His heart is heavy for this he does wail
He struggles and pulls, punches the air
He questions existence for he is scared
His hatred threatens to consume him
As he rips the flesh from his skin
His eyes red, His anger swells
In the darkness he hears the bells

He saw her beauty and felt her misery
Lifeless and dead, cold and pale
He stabbed him until his heart did fail
He tore it apart, ripped him to shreds
And he buried him with no regrets 

He breaks the shackles and screams out loud
As blood drips like an evil cloud
He tears at madness with claws of fury
And breaks away evil with no mercy
He kills lingering shadows lurking within
And finds all reasoning for his sin
Free at last the prisoner walks once more
Wondering where to find the door
He wanders the room and feels the floor
He runs from the darkness in his core
Blinding light illuminates his face
As his eyes fall into place
 He reaches towards it and opens his eyes
Then he realizes his own state of mind
He was never prisoner in shackles
He was caught in a nightmare of his failures
Driven insane and almost to slaughter
But now he feels his pain no longer
Light pours into the room
Curtains blow in the breeze
As a shackle slides from the balcony
The prisoner is free, from his nightmare and sorrow
As he rides the clouds into tomorrow

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