The First Raindrop

The First Raindrop


In the warm and soft embrace of the cloud

A state of unending joy beyond separation


Till the cold and fierce winds blew

Upon the universe of glistening vapors


Leaving the oneness to sway and crumble

The first drop of rain gushes down


Severed from the known world of Love

Into an unfamiliar fearful void


Only to get engulfed in the Earth

And give a new beginning to life



  • swingline

    Fear not for to the sea it will flow and by that giant it will be cast back into the clouds .

    • Diamond

      Sure it will, an unending journey. Thank you Swingline.

    • whisperingquill

      I love this it's like your channeling Whitman extra ordinary piece powerfully potent 👍🏼

      • Diamond

        Thank you my dear friend, this came from a very very sad remembrance of separation from self.

      • OUTBACK


        • Diamond

          Isn't it just awesome that it is a never ending joy of creation. We can take all time to explore our psyche with all the mistakes and regrets of our actions and yet, we still continue to create.

          • OUTBACK

            YES* IT SO (>IS<)* !

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          • Lawless

            Engaging is every word. All encapsulated in a single raindrop.

            • Diamond

              Thank you James. Glad you enjoyed it.

            • Augustus

              I took it more literal before reading your posts, that nurture (rain) may come from joy turned to storm, (forces of nature). I like the metaphor of mistakes and regrets from which we also learn.

              • Diamond

                It's a perpetual process, the very thought releases us from fear and angst and we become more complacent with what is, and that complacency takes us to a better place in the time space reality. Glad you liked it. Humbly yours.

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