This is Love

This is love.

This is what it's meant to be.


This is love

When you admire him so

and hold him higher than you've ever held yourself

starry eyed, infatuated

while he stares

eyes starless,

black holes


You prod

look for something more

anything hidden:

Flowers unbloomed

a bright sky behind the shadowed overcast

but you find darkness

within one who is simply

skin deep


This is love

When you step carefully while speaking

as not to upset his mind

And when his image

insists on fading

you find comfort in

the things which are always the same

Songs you’ve known since before

your eyes locked on his

They do not change;

they behave

just as expected


This is love

Begging for forgiveness

yet receiving none

Offering your complete heart

yet receiving only

a small portion of his


Is this love?

Is this what it's meant to be?


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