The Invisible Man

There he stands the invisible man
No one sees him even if they can
He stays alone in his sad little house
He's given up talking so he's quiet as a mouse
His world is empty not full anymore
The pain on his face is not easy to draw
His heart is empty and kind of hollow
The story is sad and so hard to swallow
He's asked questions a thousand times before
With empty promises that have left him sore
What is the point the chap enquiries
Shall I die right here and simply expire
The unhappiness shows in his dull sunken eyes
His cheeks are streaked with the tears he cries
The clothes he wears are ripped and torn
Even the suit he wore when he was just born
All he wanted was a simple little chat
But no one would listen or recognise that
Now his days are drawing to an end
His heart is broken and it will never mend
It's so easy to be avoided or ignored
To be judged insignificant and simple bore
If he could change one thing in his ability
It would be a man who was without invisibility



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