The trees


what is the affect of pollution to the trees? Cause the last time I checked it was death, we burn them down cut them down which one is good they ask ? They both are bad if you ask me. "People say save the tress" but don't you know that your the one cutting the down. I say "get off your phone" and go and enjoy the air but lets think about something for a sec if the tress was gone the only thing that would be left will be the paper I mean after we cut it for paper people say money doesn't come from trees no it really does you see in order to make it you need paper. You see there is a little difference between paper and trees paper you can write on and trees you can't and trees are alive they both will break easy not tiny cut it will break trees break too you know inside and out just cause the trees have no mouth does not mean they are not speaking why can't we not understand them or hear them because we don't speak trees but if we did I bet we all would feel bad how we treat the trees to be honest we all should be in jail we kill trees everyday. Everday a tree is crying out everyday animals have to leave their homes because of us you see the animals have no place to go no where to live we human cut down their trees while ours are getting built  I say put your pencil down. Get off you sorry ass phone, get off your computer, get off you God damn xbox, get off your tablet, walk outside and breath in and out your not just breathing in the air you breathing in the trees don't just say you going to do something cause you not don't get agree with me cause your really not helping save the trees care for the trees help them cause they are on this earth and they matter listen for the crying pick the trees up and stop cutting them down. 

  • Author: NikitaPassmore (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 23rd, 2017 01:57
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