Kurt Philip Behm

'GOODBYE' (+2)

I said no to the man,

and made my own bed


I cut my own trail,

with eyes straight ahead


In debt to myself,

but thankful to all


My words freely spoken,

their verdict my call


I beat my own rhythm,

on multiple drums


I structured the lyrics,

to sing and to hum


The nighttime began,

what the mornings forgave


A living refusal,

my back to the grave


The years have renewed,

all memories collide


What was old, what was young,

the truth and the lies


A comet yet burning,

new verse in the sky


One word still an orphan,

and homeless,



(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2017)




Damned Human Race


You may not like it,

you may not agree


But religions’ the problem,

the real enemy


A blind ideology,

that kills to maintain


A false image of God,

to blaspheme and profane


The Koran—the Crusades,

the excuses—the lies


Fanatical visions,

the death they imply


The future will judge,

what the present impales


The shame and the heartbreak,

humanity failed


As ISIS and Hamas

kill the innocent child


The real God enrages,

his judgment on file


So spew out your dogma,

and dig in your heels


As millions will die,

for what you think you feel


The universe watches,

eternity waits


For this plague to be over,

—this damned human race


(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2017)



New Beginning


Where bullets and bombs end,

—the Poet begins


(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2017)



  • Louis Gibbs

    I love your 'New Beginning', Kurt! So much can be conveyed in so few words, as this does quite beautifully. I appreciate all of your work.

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