Is There Anyone Who Can Help

Why does it feel like I’m stuck in the ground?
Twisting and pulling but to the earth I am bound.
Screaming out for help but I make no sound.
Looking and searching, everywhere but no one’s around.
No one’s around to lend a helping hand
There’s no one that could even understand
How did it end up this way; it’s not what I planned
I don’t know how much more I can stand.
How much more is there to go through?
How much more until my skies turn blue?
How much more until I start to feel new?
Is there anyone that can tell me what I should do?
What should I do to get out of this rut I’m in?
I’m so lost I don’t know where to begin
I’ve been digging it since before I was ten
I’m down so deep but I start digging again.
Am I cursed for something I did in the past?
How much longer is it going to last?
Why doesn’t the pain and time go by fast?
How long will it be until it has passed?
How long will it be until I’m set free?
Free from the burdens placed on me
When will my rainbow; I’ll see
When will I be able to just be?
Be whoever I truly am inside
Face the world not run and hide
Be who I am and never denied
Wash away all the tears I’ve cried.



  • lostgirl24

    This is so sad, but so beautiful too

    • Jmcg

      Thank you

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