Think on it

why is it that I wake up everyday?,
breathing with smile and sun to greed me,
the softness of the bed take me away,
light of the sun enters my room so I can see,
I prepare myself for the world and get on with my day,
knowing that no one can change the course of my future but me,
know that every second that passes is set in stone i shall say,
but it was a beautiful day I got a coffee and I sat on a bench,
contemplating the idea of truly existing in the now,
confused of the earth like a painting who the artist was of such a sketch,
amazed by such an idea of how everything came together somehow,
why am I alive only to die?,
maybe I went to sleep and this is my dream,
it's so realistic that I cant explain no longer can I reason why,
but yet some came up with a divine supreme,
such that no one can be compare on to him,
I started asking people do you accept this to be true,
some believed it so much that they said I was possessed by a devil or jinn,
for how can I Define the color blue without saying it's blue,
how can I say this is reality without questioning my existence,
for how can you define beauty when such only exist in our mind,
and why does this devil possess such a resistance?,
I accept death but after what will I find,
will it be empty space or more hardship life,
for I am a stranger to this earth now and forever,
how will I determine how to thrive?,
because of fine tuning I accept god for I am clever,
such that he has power over all,
I rather notice that we empty our mind with music,
so loud in our ears we don't hear reality fall,
we rather not see the sign but get drunk and lose it,
and I mean it in every sense of those words, until the night came as a savior from this dream,
and onto my bed my mind rested and everything blurs,
and I wondered why such a day can come up very extreme?,
unless there is a intervention from the Devine being.


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