We Stand Together


Our thoughts are with the bereaved We must understand their pain We all think that we are safe But vigilance we must attain It shouldn't take an act of violence For us to care for one another We should cherish every day With mother, father, sister,brother Lives were lost and people injured Due to a senseless act This is the ugly face of life Not fantasy but fact We must all band together And help in any way we can They are someone's flesh and blood Our kindred fellow man Keep Manchester in your prayers Each and every night Pray also for other parts of the world Who have suffered the same plight



  • Stephanie Showers

    This is very heartfelt....praying for Manchester.

  • P.H.Rose

    And it is also very good.
    Well done Jenny 1959

  • swingline

    All I can do is pray all are in Heaven where they are happy , loved , and forever . God is testing resolve of those left behind . May we be strong in faith and forgiveness and let Jesus judge that day .


    Why must these travesties continue? The horror of our dilemma, will there ever be world peace? The true nature of things, maybe. Energy can not be destroyed, but hopefully can transform into the positive.

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