Forgiveness VS Trust



You came back
For what I thought was the right track
But it was actually to ask
For a small task
I thought you were over this
But no, you went right back to the abyss
I knew I should be cautious
I also knew you were obnoxious
Although, no matter how loud you are
It can't heal the scars
6 days can't make up for 6 years
And you wonder why you see my face leer


I used to say you didn't deserve a chance
But seeing myself, how did I even deserve a glance?
Because there is someone out there who forgives
For he is determinative
He says I have to forgive
Or else I know won't be able to live
It's time to let go of my grudge
Seeing that I'm not suppose to judge
However, my arms aren't completely open with artificial skin
For you to just close them and hurt me like a safety pin
From previous times I have learned
That your trust has be earned

  • Author: izzo (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 25th, 2017 12:21
  • Comment from author about the poem: Haven't published in awhile but this came to me recently. Enjoy;)
  • Category: Forgiveness
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  • Skywalkerdafree12

    Great write. I felt it.

    • izzo

      Thank you:)

    • Stephanie Showers

      Man having some "trust issues" myself right about now - really appreciate this write!

      • izzo

        I appreciate your feedback:)

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