depression enclosing

NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

I’m in the dark, and I can’t see out.
I can’t even explain, what this is all about.

I can feel the blackness, sneaking up from inside.
It wants to engulf me, and take me on a downward slide.

I have been there before, to complete sadness and doom.
To where you lock yourself away, alone in a room.

You don’t want to eat, or to talk to anyone here.
You just lay there awake, with a hundred things to fear.

You start out with, a little problem so small.
And soon you’ve created, a giant snowball.

A huge mess of dread, and despair fills your head.
Soon you’ll be thinking, you’d be better off dead.

This is depression, that consumes but a few.
It happens to me, and it could happen to you.

I wish it on no one, but I’m here to tell.
It comes to you freely, and leaves but a shell.

So take heed of my warning, I know what I speak
You can’t do it alone, you’ll need help to defeat.

You can’t ignore it, it won’t go away.
I spent too many years trying, and how I did pay.

Look deep in yourself, for the strength you will find.
You don’t know it’s in you, but you’ve had it the whole time.

Pull out of the darkness, stay away from the draw.
Keep your head in the light, and think of fun things you saw

Think of laughter, and pure joy, and silly things.
Then think of the good feeling, this kind of stuff brings.

Stand in defiance, of this depression so weak.
Show that it wont win here, to go seek out the meek.

Get up and get out there, join life as its there.
There’s plenty of reasons, and plenty who care.

I shun you depression, I cast you aside
I will only be happy, I choose the good ride


  • Rajkumar

    You have expressed the feelings in words nicely

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