Daniel Nolan


The music booms either side of my ears,

a small light but only when i close my eyes.

The sound of rain pours down my window and the mumbling

of my so called friends can be heard in the distance.

This is Sunday night. I close my eyes...


...they open again. Monday morning.

I feel blind as I stumble around my room,

attempting to find my phone and see if i got new messages,

no. Every day the same; "no new messages" "no one loves you"


Appreciative of life but realising I am left to rot,

only one thing could save me but it seems so far,

so far out of reach! Every dream is the same

reaching out so far only to find nothing.


Then like an angel she enters my life,

her golden hair lying beside her shoulders

as she smiles and begins to walk towards me,

my heart feels whole again, I am finally happy.


Then it hits me like a brick as the pain in my eye forces them to open,

she disappears and i am left empty crying a tsunami of rain on to the floor.




  • keast50

    I enjoyed this poem very much.

  • Augustus

    Great story. Enjoyed.

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