deceivers of the truth,
concealers of the mind,
have I not reminded you of your roots,
in the past of the road of destruction I find,
an otter such a words of liberty and justice I shall not,
for the path of True justice lies with our one true Lord,
and who do you trust again I forgot,
of blind allegiance to a screen you'll never get bored,
for the hatred of man will survive even in our last breath,
are they not afraid of the shadow before them,
Will the sky fall before you truly regret,
of oppression in the eyes of God has been condemn,
even those who follow them with no sight,
we lost our hearts in the fame and glory,
we lost our soul to music dark as night,
who's the best of us to tell God of our sinless story,
who of us will sink the evil of corruption,
I speak again who will smile in midst of the fire,
where is the one who favors only redemption,
for whom am I but another a writer,
Who sets aside anger to keep his blood cool,
Who sets aside happiness for it shall not cloud my judgment,
or just maybe I'm another everyday fool,
who speaks of a better days and enlightenment.




  • Sammertheone

    Speechless, very strong. No human is perfect. No one has the right to judge yet it never fails. Very well written.

    • Somerica

      No one is perfect I agree with you but we should always no mater what, strive to be the best we can be.

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