Dametre Williams

Shirleys waltzing in my temple

It was a rainy day

Mary Jane had just walked in from the rain

Saw me having a mascara with the empty glasses

Lined up along the table

Not nearly as empty as me

A sweet little girl seeing a distraught broken young man

She approached me out of everyone I guess it was fate

Or maybe it was her faith that she could turn my cold frown upside down

Or maybe morality

Let me get back to the story

I was having a drink when a woman comes and sits next to me and says hello

I look at her and say leave me be

So you may still walk away in peace

But she resisted the offer and watched as I scoffed down

Adding to my collection

So I warned that I am an Indigo child


if you really want to know what's troubling me then let's go for a walk

Matter a fact let's stroll to the darkest parts of my mind and soul

White America

Built off the backs of black heritage

Had to sneak food under they're tables that we prepared

While they chow on our soul food

While we had to keep pig intestines down

Maybe that's why I don't see many black Jews

Had to learn to navigate through the stars and the moon

Indigo children

Like Israel I Look to God and hopes he sends a Moses

Little did I know the one burning bush would soon be the one to speak to it

Ain't got a staff but these words are like Manna

I'm panhandling for a cent yet all i receive is  your two cents

crumbs and penny you don't share

No handout for your brothers and sisters

But what about black power

Panther mentality with a Job stride

God can take away the physical I am Spiritually enriched

Indigo soul child 

Nights in the America 

Dreaming of Africa  

Hearing my mother screaming

My best friends is brandy Alexander,

cousin of  Rick not to mention his sisters Mary Pickford and negroni

My teenage sweetheart rose Kennedy

Im sorry I got off topic but  Shirley is skating inside my temple

Sorry if my love seems to have a peak

But anything over and my glass will  spill

Spewing out my past

The alcohol burns going down

But throwing it back up is worst

Cannot hold it down because the more i do the more it hurts

Doctor told me my stomach was twisted into a knot

Thought I was goanna be in a hearse

Never forget that my momma called the police on me

Looking back that hurt

So dear Mary Jane I know you didn't ask for all this rambling

But after I order another drink

would you mind taking my hand

so that we may part take in a dance

I don't want to Waltz with my demons again

So for a brief moment can you help me escape my mind

cause Shirley is dancing late tonight

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