you & who?


Deep dark, as bold as black

Once you know, there’s no turning back

But to understand you must close your eyes

Picture a scene, imagery. Beside the tide?


If today was your very last day

Were on this earth would you like too stay

Somewhere religious, where you could sit and pray

Or somewhere bright, happy or grey


Now were ever you are

No matter how distant and far

Rather you got there by plane or by car

Maybe you followed the brightest of stars


Its who your with that will make matters count

Chose some one who will stay, wont bail out or bounce

Someone who cares for you, who’s always there for you

Who will be with you regards of the cost?

Who would leave to find you, when ever your lost


Who’s stayed and loved you days and nights through

Who’s going to stay regards of what you do

Who’s going to stay loyal and true

So who’s going to sacrifice everything for you?


In your whole lifetime you’ll count on one palm

Real friends that are with you it wont go over one hand

I’m not talking about family or relations by blood

Who else will stay through the dirt and the mud


Who ever they are then that’s who you should

Love unconditionally if only you could

For you probably don’t see past the disfigured hood

But I bet if you seen, then believe me you would


So open your eyes

Stop believing the lies

Who chats you up just to create a smile

Who supports your weird unique style

See there the only person who’s even worth while.


God I hope you don’t lose them

For you cannot chose them

And your looking right past them

And there going to go


Everyone moves on

They can only be ignored for so long

They stayed through the dusk and dawns

But now there fading until there all gone

  • Author: M.M (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 2nd, 2017 11:41
  • Comment from author about the poem: i know the verses and rhyme scheme is way off. but i wrote the poem ages ago and the message is worth receiving so i never changed any of it. when i found myself being taken advantage of, when i found people dictating when to talk to me, when they needed me. how they used me when ever they felt like it , i cut them off and started looking deeper into the things people do for me so i have never left anything un appreciated ever since.
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  • Rajkumar

    One nice poem mocuisle...even if you have written long ago ,its wonderfulness never decreased

    • mocuisle

      thank'you! i really appreciate it

    • P.H.Rose

      Very very good poem
      Never change a word
      Its message is perfect
      Love it....

      • mocuisle

        thank'you! it really means a lot to hear that

      • Dodger312

        Perfect message, written in a perfect way. Keep up the good work.

        • mocuisle

          thank'you so much

        • ShannonXx

          Amazing! Love the message

          • mocuisle


          • Augustus

            Great poem, great message. Inspiring

            • mocuisle


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