Part of an infinite mind chain

So many songs written like this one
all the same meanings
can't run from feelings
Maybe we're one and the same, part of an infinite chain
resonating a feeling, releasing and being.
the light that shines so bright in us that's dimmed by the shadows
lusting for luck,
we're all in a rush to find love
thinking it's luck that brings us what we want
being directed away from what we need.
It's all easier said than done when the feelings are strong
one time right and ten times wrong
so I just wrote this song to open the box in my mind that's been closed for so long
the burning embers of my mind couldn't stay in the box without burning through
now they're coming out to tell me I got it wrong and to stay true.
living irresponsibally has made my road wobbly but still learned the lessons presented
I thought it was impossible
departing from the chain web living honestly with no room for dishonesty
live in your own truth flawlessly and consciously.
I'm still cautious of wannabees making false promises and sharing their false prophecies




    I do live by my own truth as all should. This is an excellent poem.

    • laralove

      I also am beginning to follow my own truth, Thank you :)

    • Poetic Dan

      Wow, that's so good after reading the last one....I'm nearly speechless but I'm holding my tongue and I'll just read on

      • laralove

        thank you! :')

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