kevin browne

Take Your Heart To The Grave.

And in as far as any thought could catch a line in a story tale
That in the illusions of any imagery of mind can lose its grip
When a missing gap which leaves the inner-self unopened
In the emotion that exists somewhere without the aid of attention
A twisted style of life that leaves the eccentric staring outwards
With a hurt in the fashion of any high voltage bolt to the heart
Perhaps this magical dream floats in and out when it's drunk
The passion is on fire with the relentlessness of never giving in
Whilst the confusion stirred up the concoction of falling in love
That it was meant as a passing gift from the beauty of our God
Wonder, we stare high in the sky looking for the love of Venus
A sight, a vision, a thought. a care which led to our divulsions
Some secrets tinned up like sardines because fear took a side
Waiting for answers when we just sit back and gulp in despair
Never holding the hand that you could feel forever and more
Touching your hair and stroking the wizardry that flames us
When it's gone and everything has been left in a place unseen
That the pain is instant when love shredded your 4 leaf clover
So in staying above the line which will forever remain a distance
Always remembering to show some special intentions for life
And in trying not to allow the differences unfold upon your lap
A love, a life, a heart, a human, take your heart to the grave.


  • Ethan

    I love that you draw a connection between drinking and intoxication with the words "drunk" and "concoction".

    • kevin browne

      well spotted and pointed out Ethan. I love the fact that words can mean deeper things if you can find that connection you speak about. in poetry, there is always a way of searching for what you want to write about and making the expression stand out loud and clear. glad you love it, my friend.

    • swingline

      Not me , I'll be dancing on my grave !

      • kevin browne

        I would love to see how you do that. is it an illusional magic trick you discover once in our coffins swingline?

        • swingline

          We rise from the dead and go to heaven .

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