As shadow flees the burning sun, I escape my heart's captor, carrying my core through a dark, gloomy cave; my sewer of a soul, searching for any glimmering optimism that may remain in such thickly overwhelming black mud.

Finding nothing, I turn toward the empty expanse of my marshy mind, finally understanding the beauty in sinking, peacefully passing inside my boring, boundless brain. Better to be bored than bruised, I say.

Anyway, sloshing to the center, the dull pool of discarded juices filled with monochrome ideas and dreams splash my weakening knees. To my dismay, dipping the dripping red heart in the liquid drenched with the stench of neutrally narcotic nutrients, the sickening solution has not the healing properties required to stanch the wholesome hole suffered by my organ.

Relinquishing every inkling of hope left in my conscious, I limp towards freedom, flinging my crux into an amorous, blissful abyss, completing my call as quickly as heavy objects fall. Purgatory is nugatory everyone knows. Only by capitulation can the future flow.

  • Author: Ethan (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 3rd, 2017 22:48
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote Nugatory while in great personal conflict. Although I am not religious, my family "encourages" me to go to church camps quite often to save my soul some way or another, I suppose. However, the effect these camps have is quite the opposite. Standing in a neon lit auditorium with legions of teens living lies made me feel a bit guilty. I was lying to all of them: my friends. Anyway, I hope whomever stumbles upon this poem enjoys it. :)
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  • MaddieJ

    Can really relate to some of the conflict you speak of. Great writing and welcome to the site! I am new too!

    • Ethan

      Thank you. Though I'm not a big fan of Social Darwinism, sometimes conflict does produce progress.

    • kevin browne

      I found extracting myself from gloomy situations throughout my life not only set me free from surrounding negative thought but actually begin to understand that the reflection of others images, in fact, causes the damage upon your own soul. stay away from those people's reflections and concentrate on the man in the mirror. create your own existence in life and never forget, be in the places you know best. you have written a good and deep meaningful piece of work here. keep it coming x

      • Ethan

        Thank you, both for your advice and your kind words.

      • The Invisible

        Wow you can write. Keep it up, I wish to read more.

        • Ethan

          Haha thank you so much

          • The Invisible

            You are welcome lol 🙂

          • little lay lay

            Oh my goodness, I was so moved by your piece!

            • Ethan

              Aw thanks 😀

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