Nothing More

I want nothing more than to run my fingers down your back.

Outlining every curve, indent, and muscle until I have you burned into my memory

I want nothing more than to feel your lips on my lips and your skin

on my skin.

Red-hot passion scorching every part of me that you touch leaving behind

bruises that are mere whispers of the night before.

Whispers that haunt me but I would not be myself without.

I want nothing more than to be able to say no to you,

but I can’t.


You have somehow become my master that my people have fought so hard

to rid ourselves of.

But I can’t rid myself of you or those lips that assault me.

See, the pleasure that they bring outweighs the pain.


And for some twisted reason, I don’t mind

I don’t mind the pain you cause me or the complex

self-hatred you make me feel.


Instead, I obey every word you utter in my direction.

Not out of fear, but love.

I love you more than I have ever loved myself and because

of this, I will always be your slave.


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