Dream Path


Notice of absence from LIGHT WARRIOR
I am currently working on more light hearted work after a wonderful year of change . God bless you all..


Laughing at me

From behind the Great Cloak of Betrayal



Transferring the data that arrives in all of the pictures that dance through my head

The submergence of statistical facts with the blessing of rythmic sanctity

Our minds move forward in unison

The subconscious lives forever,  talking shit behind our backs

Not knowing wether or not we can even trust ourselves

Yet, somehow, forgetting becomes the only viable way in which to fiord the River of Chaos that beckons anything that challenges it

The attempt to interrupt a majestic, eternal flow

Turning into monsters unlike anything we have ever known ourselves to have been before

Finally void of all of that useless fear

Morpheus is pleased with us and hears us now

Our hidden intentions to fulfill the dull side of our world through the myriad of paths that we use when we are dreaming

Traveling to all of the places that I have been avoiding ever since I got sick of waking up to the deafening pitch of my own screaming

The Banshees that once overruled my nights

The balancing of all of my chakras in both of my worlds that just may collide at any given moment

Eyes rolling violently in their sockets back and forth and back and forth

Too many graven images blinding my mental sphere

I hear now the brutal cackle of The God of Dreams enforces all of the false ones to bow down and obey

Following their dream path all the way around the bend that takes them right back to the heart of self-realization......


  • Author: LIGHT WARRIOR (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 5th, 2017 06:11
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  • ShannonXx

    Great write


      Thank u very much for your comment and for taking the time to read. I do not thin I recall seeing you previously, so I would love it if you want to read back on my work.. I have 156 published and my manuscript is available to the public. Have a great one and thx again!

      • ShannonXx

        Yes I will read some of your work, would appreciate if you would read some of mine too. And you're welcome

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      • thehippiepoet

        Nicely done

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