Notice of absence from kathyhall
I will be taking a break from MPS. I will miss so many on here. I will check back.

A trip to the lake with float in hand,
my feet make their way to the water's edge through the soft sand.
After a couple of failed slippery attempts I lay a top the float,
there to stay for hours, often catching a wave from a nearby boat.
A cool dip in the water now and then,
and a fresh layer of sun-screen to help protect my skin.
I watch the little children as in the water they do play,
all of this for me, creates a perfect summer day!
Schools out, Schools out, lets head to the lake,
with a cooler full of drink and a little food to take.

I'd say trail riding the range would about do it,,
At about ten thousand feet, the air cool as crisp,,
Two steeds, the mountains and a gal like you?
I am no expert but I'd say that's very, very cool,,
So grab your boots leave the flat lands behind,,
I'm ready to share with you all I have in kind,,
Its the coolest place on this earth, and that I will say,,
Girl come ride with me, I'll send for you this very day,,
Your command would be my wish, we'd ride the sky,,
Hey, I've got great horses and I'm a hell of a guy,,

Well, Well, well ..I am sure he is..I am a great guy too..
But I am not adding this stanza and hitting on you I am trying to keep my cool...
Its hotter than Hell this year ..Humidity can actually be fun..
Pasting your outfit to your flesh, then finding fun ways to come undone...
It is always better with a boy...My outfit enrage and annoy a few, but most of them wanna know where, and how and who comes up with the crazy things that I wear...
Nothing that is not just as easy to tear away
I put on a frock with matching knee high Bobby socks and strut my shit through the heat of crowd...Keeping cool by being sassy, aloof, and loud all at the same time
Ill bet the law would find reason to arrest me and plenty of the Boys in Blue would invent a new crime just to get a closer look, perhaps a taste..
Keeping cool in Shantilly and lace
In the heat is where I feel in place
Elegance and grace cannot be happy in the cold
Wearing almost nothing in the heat keeps me from growing old in the Winter breeze
Im so damn cool I freeze time just walking through
Leaving the boys in awe at what they are seeing and their relentless bitches always trying to find ways to screw me somehow
Any way for them would do
But I don't let any of it get under my skin cuz I would rather keep keepin it cool

I guess I can find a way to chill on my own,,
Sometimes it's cool to hang your head and moan,,
I don't understand the reaction, but how can it be cool?
Desperation can be cool but I guess that's for fools,,
Just like a cool waterfall in the Rockies, you must try it,,
Then you'll understand the baggage and you'll wanna quit,,
I wish I could stay cool this summer like the rain,,
But I just can't find a way to deal with excruciating pain,,
Questions are just that, and they can be cool as well, ,
Somehow instead of staying cool I just wind up in hell..

I would parlay between the haze
encapsulate my perspiration, intricate
contemplation melt within the vapor
of the Suns deplorable caper.
Syphon coolness from my calm
hardened barm spilling adolescent
glints of yesterday's charm; only
to sashay into the synapse of infinite Antwepi.
Slither into the square dance
of faded glances to stifle your pith
with ambrosial advances second chance
of first impressions where we once shimmered
as synchronized quintessence effervescent.

Find the tallest tree amongst the sun, grab a piece of paper and pen and lets have some writers fun. Drink a tall icy tea, respond to other poets as they share their words and dreams. Say it with conviction and let them know what you mean. My poetic side may be the coolest place on the web to put pen to paper and meet a new poetic neighbor. Our words meet and mingle with the best in here. So, come on writers lets lend a listening ear.


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