Do You know what it's like?


When the reliable blade rips open my innocent skin

Whilst my startled eyes gape at the purple flesh within.

The monstrous voices commanding me that it's some sort of self discipline.

Just Do It

The admirable voices informing me that it's some sort of sin.

Just Quit It!

Insanely i miss witnessing the inner demons within me crying out for any form of support.

When I'm in school, I'm just afraid that someone stupid will glance at the scars and then report.

I know the demons knocking desperately against my fragile skin to break loose

Yet I carefully carve out my originality and habitually self abuse.

Don't worry about me, i admire the foul blood flowing down my skin

Some consider I'm a gory lunatic, and all i do is pass them a grin.


  • Author: Syeda (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 6th, 2017 16:36
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 44
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  • Hopey_xx

    A close friend of mine just admitted that she cuts to me. Do you have any advice? I want to help her stop, but im overwhelmed with my own thoughts and worries. Great write, by the way

    • Saima

      I do it as well, so i dont know. But one thing you have to remember is, never say you're going to leave her if she cuts, all i can say is be there for her and when she does feel like cutting try distracting her. And thank you x

      • Hopey_xx

        Okay, thank you. She's opened up to me, now I feel guilty for not opening up to her. X stay strong

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      • Gino

        Great write! Stay safe, and pray...

        • Saima

          Thank you! Its really appreciated:)

        • Isabella

          I like the truth in this. A lot of people either throw themselves out there for people to eat up, or don't say enough. This is brutally honest. I love that.

          • Saima

            My poems are always brutally honest, thank you so much it means a lot x

          • Kat1

            Amazing writing. Love your style

            • Saima

              Thank you so much x

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