full of shame

NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...


the light was there but I was blind

the image never leaves my mind

you sat there and laughed while I laid there and cried

you smiled and laughed while I frowned and died

your force was too strong for my innocent no

you were all hyped up and ready for a show

why did I have to be the doll in your stupid little game

you're the reason why I hide myself in shame

when I got home I cried for days

stupid enough to trust your ways

I'm up all night crying myself to sleep

my innocence was no longer mine to keep

I dream of you at night ya know

knowing how much you enjoyed the show

your friends were there and they didn't hear

your friends are people I also fear

I said no and stop but nobody saved me

I cried and pleaded but my voice was missing

but don't worry not all the joy wasn't just by you

more pain came by another two

I wish I would've been more smart

and listened to my dying heart

I've added up the pain

the life I had is drained

there's nothing left for me to gain

3 of y'all have permanently damaged my brain

you all wanted to play and you all wanted to touch


but saying no just wasn't a fucking enough

you're the only one who beat the game

the one who left me with the most shame

the one who caused my depression

the one who stole my possessions

all I do now is hide in my room and cry

they ask what's wrong I say a headache such an easy lie

but the truth is I'd honestly rather die

i want to stay inside all day

 i want the world to go away

your hands were always there

in the places never fair

but mum you dont believe me

you said its my fault for being me

i wish youd known what he had done

but you dont and thats why he won



  • swingline

    Awful tragedy for you to bear . They should be stoned to death then shot and left on their parents doorstep . You will have to rebuild your life making what is wrong into what is right .

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