Doll in Wonderland

1000 Words

I want to write 1000 words for you

Maybe give you 1000 notes folded intricately, 

Like we were back in middle school

My lyrical stylings all tongue tied when you are near

Dying to shower you with "I love you's"

But they lie frozen on my tongue, 

Sweet candies melting in the hot sun

If I could only manage the courage

Instead of holding my feelings

Like a little kid, with stolen M &M's

If I'd let you, you'd lick my palms

Sometimes I'm a penguin, 

Toddling miles to give you pebbles

The brightest and shiniest I can find

But you smile at me, even giftless

And your belly laughs set my heart ablaze

Making me want to swim in an ocean 

Made entirely of your saliva 

And take naps, curled up next to you, 


Someday I will find a way

To fumble thru my hesitation

And tell you that you are a gift. 



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